Extra Hours: $75 per hour

For events longer then 2 hours. Additional hours not guaranteed if not scheduled prior to event.

Pillow Case Backdrop: $100

Add's a Pillow Case Backdrop for the Digital Basic. Click Here to see available Backdrops..

Photo Booth Enclosure: $100

Add's a full photo booth enclosure for the Digital Basic. Requires an area 10' X 6'.

Instant Printing: $100

Add instant printing for the Digital Basic in addition to digital delivery.

Standard Props Package: $75

Standard Props Package; table with tablecloth, featherless boas, themed board signs, fun sunglasses

Disclaimer Screen: $100

Disclaimer screen is first screen, guests must accept terms to continue. Can be customized.

Data Capture: $100

Data capture forwards all emails & SMS information to hiring client. Disclaimer Screen recommended.


USB with all photos: $50


All photos, GIFS, and videos will be mailed on USB Flash Drive after event. .

Instant Digital Delivery to Dropbox: $50

All photos from event are Digitally Delivered to a shared Dropbox folder.

Slideshow of photos displayed at event: $100

All photos from event are displayed in slideshow format on flat screen monitor in photo booth area.

Sharing Kiosk: $100

All photos from event are available on a separate touchscreen device .for digital delivery via email or text.

Micro Site: $100

Micro site's are a great feature particular for corporate branding.






Custom Backdrops: Prices from $300

Custom backdrops are available for our pillow case backdrop system and are a great addition to your event. Custom backdrops are prepaid and must be ordered a minimum 3 weeks prior to event date.


About Digital Delivery: Provided the venue has stable and available WiFi, Digital Delivery is performed within a few minutes, and typically within just a few seconds. If Digital Delivery can not be performed at venue during event due to WiFi issues, your photos will be delivered with 24 hours of events end time.